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The Config of Munin


The Note of RSShub


The Note of MPV


Usage Examples of Rsync

 Telegram RSS机器人

RSS Bot With Telegram


 Openwrt IPv6 配置

Configure IPv6 on Openwrt

 Sony Z5P Dual升级系统并获取Root权限记录

The Note of Upgrade and Root Sony Z5P Dual

 调整Linux I/O调度器优化性能

Adjustment Linux I/O Scheduler Optimize Performance


The Note of Using Fail2ban


The Note of Using Debian

 Mozilla已经开始在Firefox中逐步启用TLS 1.3

Mozilla Has Started Gradually Enabling TLS 1.3 in Firefox


When to use a HTTP call instead of a WebSocket (or HTTP 2.0)


How does DNSSEC work


Compile to Upgrade Wget


Use to Test TLS/SSL Encryption


Improving Cold Chain Logistics through RFID temperature sensing and Predictive Modelling


Microsoft 365 Devdays at Beijing Day2


Microsoft 365 Devdays at Beijing Day1


Simple Cyber Security Tips (for your Parents)


ConEmu:the Replacement of Cmd


Brief of Opportunistic Encryption


Blog Supported by Jekyll on VPS


Hackers Exploit 'Telegram Messenger' Zero-Day Flaw to Spread Malware


The Note of Using Cloudflare


The Note of Using Flexget


Jekyll Date Format


Install ASF on Debian


SEO Performance in 2018 Using Cloudflare


The Note of Anaconda


Firefox 52 Borrows One More Privacy Feature from the Tor Browser

 Firefox阻止访问HTML5 canvas元素

Firefox Block Attempts to Fingerprint Users Using the HTML5 canvas Element


Enable FPI of Firefox


The Note of Using Ubuntu


The Font Setting of Jekyll



data transmission between two vps


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